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Featured Product: Mercado Collection

Featured Product: Mercado Collection

We are very experienced nappers and couch loungers, so we are very discriminating when it comes to enjoying something soft and comfy. The Mercado checks every box in our comfortability scale.

  • Deep, Soft Seat and Back Cushions

  • Soft, Fluffy Like A  ________ Fabric (insert your favorite soft 4-legged critter here)

  • Modern, Casual Styling—It’s not bubba, yet not stuffy all at the same time.


Fun Facts About The Mercado:

  • All throw pillows and back cushions are re-stuffable. This helps you keep everything puffy and comfy.

  • The fabric is 100% polyester and can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

  • The Mercado is Pet Friendly


C’mon, So What’s The Down Side?

  • It’s Not Little. Make sure to measure and have room to fit everything.

  • Not designed for when Grandpa, Grandma or Aunt Edna come to visit. This is not a sitting couch—this is your personal oasis of comfy-ness.


Anything Else That's Big and Comfy?

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